Fundamentals of Internet of Things
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Fundamentals of Internet of Things

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Studies have shown that adult learners retain more knowledge and skills through experienced-based tools than through didactic learning methods. At these training workshops, Ascendo will incorporate different learning tools and experiential based activities, including case studies, games and role-plays to enhance understanding and assess learning, facilitated discussions, case studies, self-assessments/ tests and presentations will be interspersed throughout the programme.

This course introduces the Internet of Things, which extends Internet connectivity from computers and related devices to other physical devices or common objects and leverages from technologies such as embedded systems, wireless sensors, and automation. This course is designed for non-technical business executives who wish to make informed business decisions about leveraging blockchain technology into their businesses.

Learning Methodology

Participants will undergo experiential learning through mini-lectures (including videos), project work, group discussions, case studies, critical reflections, online learning.

Key Benefits

Build an understanding of the key concepts and potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Course Content

Module Names

  • 1. What is Internet of Thing (IoT)?
  • 2. IoT Examples
  • 3. Trends in IoT
  • 4. IoT Adoption

Scheduled Program

Total duration = 8 hours.
Minimum class size: 15 participants
The program is a blended learning


Certifying Body: ICDL
Certificate Validity: No expiry

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Training Provider

Professional instructors will be provided by Ascendo, SIngapore. Ascendo is one of 7 subsidiary under 1Summit Global Pte Ltd (1SG), which integrate Wong Fong Industries’ educational, training and human capital businesses under one holding company. Ascendo believes in achieving excellence through lifelong learning. Our programmes are aligned with various certifying bodies and are periodically renewed in order to give learners the most up to date knowledge, skills and abilities to flourish in the workplace.

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